Originating from Osaka in Japan, Kagonoya is Bangkok’s leading Shabu restaurant with 8 branches across the city. Serving a Kaiseki Course, an A La Carte Menu of traditional Japanese dishes and an All-You-Can-Eat Shabu Dinner using only the highest quality ingredients.

Kagonoya is a premium
Shabu-Shabu restaurant
with branches across Bangkok.
In 1990, Kagonoya established
its first restaurant in Osaka, Japan.
It now has over 100 branches
across Japan.

Kagonoya is a restaurant
where you can enjoy seasonally
authentic Japanese food
and shabu-shabu
in a relaxing ambience.

Kagonoya first opened
in Bangkok in 2011
as its first overseas branch.
There are now a total of 8 branches
across Bangkok, Thailand.

The wide-ranging menu covers
a Kaiseki Course, a traditional Japanese
multi-course dinner consisting
of different dishes each offered in
beautifully arranged small portions,
an A La Carte Menu and
an All-You-Can-Eat Shabu dinner.

Great importance is placed
on the quality of the ingredients
used in the shabu and
all the dishes on the menu


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